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I am PhD student in the Stanford Linguistics department.

I am primarily interested in syntax, syntactic variation, and how these systems interface with social meaning.

Syntactically, I am currently most interested in minimality effects and (other) constraints on movement. I writing my first qualifying on locality constraints using negative inversion as a case study. Never has anything been more exciting!

I got into syntax by working on the structures of various grammatical phenomenon in non-standard englishes. I am currently working on projects about double modal questions (e.g. Could we might have an example?). I think a lot about negative concord, but haven't figured it out yet!

Before coming to Stanford, I was a MA student and Fulbright scholar at Queen Mary University of London. My MA dissertation explores the modularity of syntax with respect to register demands. It finds that register is evaluated linearly (rather than structurally). For a copy, email me!

Before going to QMUL, I completed BAs in Linguistics, Classical Languages, and Classical Culture at the University of Georgia where my BA thesis looked at personal datives (e.g I caught me a fish).

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