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About Nicholas Twiner

I am a first year PhD student in linguistics at Stanford University.

I am primarily interested in (morpho-)syntax, socio-syntax, and syntactic variation. I am currently working on projects about double modal questions (e.g. Could we might have an example?), adjective-triplets (e.g good-better-best) and following up on some other thesis and ideas.

Before coming to Stanford, I was a MA student and Fulbright scholar at Queen Mary University of London. My MA dissertation argues for syntactic autonomy from mechanisms which check for coherence of register (and hence a generative approach to Grammar). For a copy, email me!

Before coming to QMUL, I completed BAs in Linguistics, Classical Langauges, and Classical Culture at the University of Georgia where my BA thesis looked at personal datives (e.g I caught me a fish).

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