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I am broadly interested in syntax, morphosyntax, and how these fields interact with dialect data, variation, and social meaning. Bringing these aspects of language and language use to syntactic questions will help us understand how grammar is structured, what properties it is sensitive to, and can help us understand the ways structures can contribute to social goals of speakers.  

The following papers, presentations, and posters are some of the more specific ways I am approaching this broad interest. 

Research: Welcome



(Submitted) Getting to the root of better, best, worse and worst.

(In Prep.) How might should we vary: Double modal questions 


2019. (with V. Lee-Schoenfeld) Binding German (In)direct: Spell Out Strategies for Disambiguation. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, 4.


2019. (with V. Lee-Schoenfeld) German Passives and English Benefactives: The need for noncanonical accusative case. Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop. Poster.

2019. How might should we vary: Questions of double modal constructions. European Dialect Syntax Workshop 9.

2019. (with V. Lee-Schoenfeld) Binding German (In)direct: Spell Out Strategies for Disambiguation. 2019 Linguistics Society of America Annual Meeting.

2018. (with V. Lee-Schoenfeld) Quirks of German (In)direct Object Binding. Linguistics Conference at UGA. 

2018. (with V. Lee-Schoenfeld) Variation involving non-canonical accusative case features in German and English. Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference.

2017. I need me a binding theory. Linguistics Conference at UGA

2017. Applicatives in Southern English. South Eastern Conference on Linguistics

2017. Southern Co-referential Applicatives. Berkley Linguistics Society Annual Meeting. Poster. 

Research: Publications
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